February 28, 2022 (More on Ukraine)

February 28, 2022

Good morning to everyone – yep – still care 1000x more about our wide open southern border, runaway inflation, soaring gas prices, rising crime, a basement dummy in the White House, mass government corruption, fair elections, and our nation’s huge fentanyl problem – than Ukraine.

February 27, 2022

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: The Only Right We Have Left Is The Second Amendment

February 26, 2022

The Truth About the Ukraine

February 25, 2022

X22Report -- Bill Holter -- The Destruction Of The Economy Will Push Gold, Be Careful What You Wish For

February 24, 2022

Dr Zelenko exposes how Dr Rick Bright’s Very Bad move sabotaged early Covid treatment killing masses

February 23, 2022

This is a link to the World Economic Forum map of official approved policy positions. This is basically the script that all of the WEF trainees that have been inserted into virtually all of the western democracies are supposed to be following in all of their policy decisions and messaging.

Just to be clear, these people are not serving the constitutions of their countries, they are servants of the Globalist one world order WEF overlords. They should revoke their citizenship and forfeit the right to serve in our governments. They should be treated as the foreign agents that they are, and should not be allowed to hold office.

In my opinion.

February 22, 2022

Justin Trudeau is a Communist -- But you have already figured that TRUTH out, haven’t you?

Our task is to now identify and expose ALL of the Communists who have infiltrated our local, state, and federal government positions -- The judiciary too. Start by identifying ALL local, state, and federal officials who are taking ACTION to FIX 2020 and get rid of the voting cheat machines.


Identify judges who follow and apply the rule of law without a political agenda.


The rest are Communists -- the list is shockingly long.

These Commies have been "selected" for their offices in an election system and a good old boy "Commie comrade network" that has been rigged against the People for over 20 years.

Communists could care less about the will of We The People and the rule of law -- Communists are Godless -- The roots of Communism are found in satanism.

Call these Godless Commies out on social media. Shout them down on the rare occasion when they show their faces in public. Lawfully and non-violently exercise your rights of free speech and freedom of assembly.

Be Fearless

Lin Wood 🙏❤️🇺🇸

February 21, 2022

Joe Rogan Interviews Maajid Nawaz: Maajid Nawaz is a former Islamist turned counter-extremism activist, author of multiple books, and public speaker. This interview with Maajid Nawaz nicely dovetails in parts with Reiner Fuellmich’s Grand Jury series of videos

February 20, 2022

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors

February 19, 2022

CONGRATULATIONS to all health-freedom advocates who continue to stand up for our rights to mask, or not. Towns statewide are lifting the mask mandates! And, the Boston Broadside just revealed that Boston’s Mayor Wu just lifted the vaccine passport due to legal pressure.

February 18, 2022

Trucker Convoy All The Way to D.C. — SHAWN FARASH

February 17, 2022

Police arrest ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest organizer Chris Barber in Ottawa

EXTRA EXTRA — February 16, 2022

President Trump’s new ad.. Bigger that Watergate.

EXTRA — February 16, 2022

Devin Nunes: “Let me just simplify this. What they did is they spied on a presidential candidate – and then the President of the United States.

February 16, 2022

Scientists Who Publicly Dismissed Lab Leak but Privately Supported It Asked to Testify Under Oath

February 15, 2022

When will some in the lame stream, fake news media and/or our own government have the courage to speak the truth?

Demonstrating courage is never easy because of the consequences and the potential real sacrifices involved but it is the harder right choice to take. Know that this moment in US History will fill the future with untold stories of those who demonstrated courage in the face of relentless attacks for the greater good of the nation.

Don’t give in to tyranny and don’t stop discovering the truth. Beyond the spiritual aspects of the war being waged against us, this is an information war like no other we’ve ever been in and it is up to the digital army of citizen journalists to continue exposing the fraud being perpetrated against us.

Those who cherish the truth, their faith, our families, and our very freedoms, over lies, deception and tyranny are going to win the day.

Keep fighting and stay engaged.

February 14, 2022

Many Single Strand RNA viruses (ssRNA) use RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) to replicate their genetic material. This is required to make more copies of virus and spread to other cells. These viruses include: Covid-19 (all strains), Influenza, RSV, Hantavirus, Ebola virus, Marburg virus. The use of Zinc Ionophores and Zinc will treat these viruses. Zinc Ionophores include: Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Quercetin, EGCG. In other words, we can prevent and treat the above viruses with cheap, oral, effective, and safe drugs. Some of which are over the counter.

Please study this text and understand what it means.

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD!po=0.746269

February 13, 2022

Jim Jordan: Durham filing shows ‘spying’ on Trump was ‘worse than we thought’

Court document alleges Trump Tower, White House were hacked

February 12, 2022

Dr. David Martin fact checks one of the most prominent “fact checkers”, Ali Swenson, on his claim that Trudeau is profiting from the vaccines

February 11, 2022

Is America Heading for a Systems Collapse?

February 10, 2022

Tragic Story Stands Behind Luc Montagnier’s Cause of Death

February 9, 2022

Massachusetts school mask mandate to end on Feb. 28

February 8, 2022

Freedom Convoy 2022 — Preemptive SOS Press Conference Feb. 7, 2022

February 7, 2022

Vernon Jones Withdraw from Georgia Gubernatorial Race, Backs David Perdue

February 6, 2022

February 5, 2022

World Leaders will soon join Olympic athletes already hospitalized in Beijing

Ben Harnwell, the “War Room” foreign editor, reports on the disastrous Beijing Olympics. Not only are the ratings horrible for NBC, but also the Chinese Communist Party is in danger of losing control of the narrative. Originally, the CCP was saying that the government was taking measures to ensure that Covid stayed out of the Olympic compounds, but now they are saying they are protecting China from the Covid Olympics!

Part 2: Complete Free Fall At The Beijing Olympics